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I have been slacking off lately (I started my blog approx. two weeks ago and only have three posts)! Yikes! Here are some reasons why: Last Wednesday night I fell asleep at 6pm and sleep through until 9am the next morning. Worked late and then went for drinks.  Yah! Too busy feeling guilty for not […]



Was shushed  by 7 year old in my Children’s department yesterday! Yikes! I know I am a little loud at times – but still! Actually, looking back, I guess it was kinda cute and very refreshing! She instructed me to be quiet since we were in a library. I can appreciate that. I would say […]

I am not rich. I am not famous. But, I am a Children’s and YA Librarian. So, the fame and riches are sure to follow if I continue on this path. Maybe not, but I am doing something I love: helping people. That definetley counts for something.

Want to start a Teen Second Life program at my library. We have a laptop lab of 5 computers. I’m not sure if this will be enough – but hopefully it will be ok to get started. Has anyone out there tried this? Looking for advice and real world experiences.