I love you more than words can say. Hey! Hey! Hey!


Children, Tweens, Teens:

Thanks for all  you do to so that I have a job. I don’t say this much, or ever, but I appreciate it. Where would I be without you?

Even though I sometimes get frustrated with you – you keep me on my toes and often teach me something. Even if it is just to hide in the office next time I see you approaching the desk.

You are funny (I swear I am laughing with you), smart, creative and most of all energetic!

I didn’t go into library school planning on being a children’s librarian – it sorta just happened. But, I have to admit that I love it. So, all you young ones out there, I hope we can work together for a long time to come!

I have been slacking off lately (I started my blog approx. two weeks ago and only have three posts)! Yikes! Here are some reasons why:

  • Last Wednesday night I fell asleep at 6pm and sleep through until 9am the next morning.
  • Worked late and then went for drinks.  Yah!
  • Too busy feeling guilty for not Twittering! 
  • I bought a bike – relearning to ride in the spazziest manner possible!
  • Haven’t been reading much in last week – so can’t post all my insightful thoughts and opinions.
  • Went to Red Sox game on Saturday – had fun watching the them beat Toronto. Also, sights and sound were great – such as when Papelbon came out of the bullpen to a standing/cheering crowd as they played his signature song – Shipping off to Boston.

and finally

  • My cat ate my blog.



Was shushed  by 7 year old in my Children’s department yesterday! Yikes! I know I am a little loud at times – but still!

Actually, looking back, I guess it was kinda cute and very refreshing! She instructed me to be quiet since we were in a library. I can appreciate that. I would say more than 1/2 of the individuals who visit my library could take advice from this young girl. Most of whom, don’t seem to realize where they are or how to behave when they are in a library. It is pretty typical to see patrons running, eating, swearing, using cell phones loudly, etc. I could use this girl full time to help keep order!

So, all in all, I guess I appreciated this child’s respect of the library – but still left feeling a little sheepish.

I am not rich. I am not famous. But, I am a Children’s and YA Librarian. So, the fame and riches are sure to follow if I continue on this path.

Maybe not, but I am doing something I love: helping people. That definetley counts for something.

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Want to start a Teen Second Life program at my library. We have a laptop lab of 5 computers. I’m not sure if this will be enough – but hopefully it will be ok to get started.
Has anyone out there tried this? Looking for advice and real world experiences.